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The "Big M" is the best example of how much interest is being generated by harness racing. The daily handle and rising purses (without the aid of slot machines) is just another example of the lack of race horses needed to provide fans with the opportunity to enjoy and wager on this ever increasing popular sport. New Jersey is unquestionably the capital of harness racing, and this is without the assistance of OTB and telephone wagering and now slot machines (PA, NY DEL, etc). This implies sound business prospects in the ownership and racing of standard bred horses. Harness horses don't gallop with a jockey on their back. They don't start flat footed in a gate with a group of other horses on both sides of them in the same predicament. Standardbreds accelerate while in motion with their driver in a carriage (racing bike) behind them.

Experienced Trainers

We are glad to present the team of the best trainers who are also stud farmers in the fifth generation, taking care of horses all year around.


Taylor Racing Stable has been around for over 20 years, and we have over 75 horses

Perfectly Trained Horses

Our horses feel how we treat them. That’s why our horses are very gentle. Since the first day of their life, we train them and show the joy of being.


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